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Maps Of The World:


Area (sq km)
Coastline (km)

Human Development Index

Human Development Index
HDI rank
GNI per capita rank minus HDI rank (2011 PPP $)
HDI rank (2011 PPP $)


Total population
Population in 2030
Average annual growth (%) 2000/2005
Average annual growth (%) 2010/2015
Urban population (%) 2015
Population under age 5
Population Age 15-64
Population age 65 and older
Median age (years)
(per 100 people ages 15-64) Young age (0-14)
(per 100 people ages 15-64) Old age (65 and older) 2015
Total fertility rate (births per woman) 2000/2005
Total fertility rate (births per woman) 2010/2015
Mother s mean age at first birth
Contraceptive prevalence rate (%)
Birth registration (% under age 5) 2010-2015


Life expectancy at birth (years)
Child malnutrition Stunting (moderate or severe) 2010-2015
Mortality rates Infant 2015 per 1000
Mortality rates Under-five per 1000
Life expectancy at age 60 2010/2015
Maternal mortality ratio (deaths per 100,000 live births)
Physicians 2001-2014 per 1.0000
Hospital bed density (beds/1,000 population)
Deaths due to Malaria 2012 per 100.000
Deaths due to Tuberculosis per 100.000
Deaths due to HIV prevalence, adult 2015 per 100.000
Infants lacking immunization DTP 2014
Infants lacking immunization Measles 2014
Public health expenditure 2014 % of GDB
Depth of food deficit (kilocalories per person per day) (%) 2013/2015


Expected years of schooling (years)
Mean years of schooling (years)
Literacy rate Adult (% ages 15 and older) 2005-2015
Literacy rate Youth (% ages 15-24) Female 2005-2015
Literacy rate Youth (% ages 15-24) Male 2005-2015
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary school (number of pupils per teacher) 2010-201
Government expenditure on education (% of GDP) 2010-2014
Population with at least some secondary education (% ages 25 and older) 200
Gross enrolment ratio Pre-primary (% of preschool-age children) 2010-2015
Gross enrolment ratio Primary (% of primary school-age population) 2010-201
Gross enrolment ratio Secondary (% of secondary school-age population) 2010
Gross enrolment ratio Tertiary (% of tertiary school-age population) 2010-2
Gross enrolment ratio Primary school dropout rate (% of primary school coho
Primary school teachers trained to teach (%) 2005-2015


Gross national income (GNI) per capita (2011 PPP $)
GDP - per capita (PPP)
GDP (purchasing power parity, $)
GDP - real growth rate (%)
Exports in US-Dollar
Imports in US-Dollar
External Debt in US-Dollar
External debt stock (% of GNI) 2005-2014
Inflation rate (consumer prices) (%)
Industrial production growth rate (%)
Current account balance
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold
Stock of direct foreign investment - at home
Market value of publicly traded shares
Budget surplus/deficit (% of GDP)
Total tax revenue (% of GDP) 2005-2014
Taxes and other revenues (% of GDP) 2005-2014
Research and development expenditure (% of GDP) 2005-2014
Domestic credit provided by financial sector (% of GDP) 2010-2015
Total debt service (% of GNI) 2014


Labor force
Employment to population ratio 2015
Labour force participation rate 2015
Employment in agriculture 2010-2014
Employment in services 2010-2014
Unemployment Total 2015
Unemployment Youth 2015
Youth not in school or employment 2010-2014
Vulnerable employment 2005-2014
Child labour 2009-2015 (% ages 5-14)
Working poor at PPP$3.10 a day 2004-2013
Mandatory paid maternity leave 2015 (days)
Old-age pension recipients 2004-2013 (% of statutory pension age population
Income quintile ratio Average annual change (%) 2000/2014


Roadways (km)
Railways (km)
Waterways (km)


Military expenditures (% of GDP)


Irrigated land (sq km)


Telephones - main lines in use
Telephones - mobile cellular
Internet users

Nature and Environment

Carbon dioxide emissions per capita (tonnes)
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy (Mt)
Carbon dioxide emissions - Average annual change (%) 1990/2013
Total renewable water resources (cu km)
Fresh water withdrawals (% of total renewable water resources) 2005-2014
Natural resource depletion (% of GNI) 2010-2014
Forest area (% of total land area)
Forest area change (%) 1990-2015


Electricity - production (kWh)
Electricity - consumption (kWh)
Electricity - imports (kWh)
Electricity - installed generating capacity (kW)
Electricity - from fossil fuels (% of total installed capacity)
Electricity - from hydroelectric plants (% of total installed capacity)
Electricity - from nuclear fuels (% of total installed capacity)
Electricity - from other renewable sources (% of total installed capacity)

Industry and Production

Crude oil - production (bbl/day)
Crude oil - exports (bbl/day)
Crude oil - imports (bbl/day)
Crude oil - proved reserves (bbl)
Refined petroleum products - production (bbl/day)
Refined petroleum products - consumption (bbl/day)
Natural gas - production (cu m)
Natural gas - consumption (cu m)
Natural gas - exports (cu m)
Natural gas - imports (cu m)
Natural gas proved reserves (cu m)


Consumer price index (2010=100) 2015
Domestic food price level (USA = 1.0) 2010-2014
Domestic food price level Volatility index 2010-2014

Human security

Refugees by country of origin
Internally displaced persons
Homeless people due to natural disaster (average annual per million people)
Orphaned children
Prison population (per 100,000 people) 2004-2015
Homicide rate (per 100,000 people) 2010-2014
Suicide rate (per 100,000 people) Female 2012
Suicide rate (per 100,000 people) Male 2012
Violence against women ever experienced Intimate partner (%) 2005-2015
Violence against women ever experienced Nonintimate partner (%) 2005-2015
Safety Index (Numbeo)
Crime Index (Numbeo)

Gender gap

Sex ratio at birth (male to female births)
Adolescent birth rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19)
Pre-primary (% of pre-school age female population)
Primary (% of primary school-age female population)
Secondary (% of secondary school age female population)
Youth unemployment rate (female to male ratio)
Population with at least some secondary education (female to male ratio) 2005-2015
Total unempoyment rate (female to male ratio)
Share of paid employment in non-agriculture, female (% of total paid employment in non-agriculture)
Female legislators, senior officials and managers (% of total)
Share of seats in parliament (% held by women)
Life expectancy at age 50, female (years)
Old-age pension recipients (female to male ratio) 2006-2013
Gender Inequality Index - Average annual change (%) 2005/2015

Poverty and Inequality

Population in multidimensional poverty - Average annual change (%) 2005/2014
Coefficient of human inequality
Inequality in life expectancy (%) 20102015
Inequality in education (%)
Inequality in income (%)
Income inequality Quintile ratio 2010-2015
Income inequality Palma ratio 2010-2015
Income inequality Gini coefficient (UN) 2010-2015
Distribution of family income - Gini index (CIA)
GINI index (World Bank)
Income share held by highest (richest) 10% (Average 2010-2016)
Income share held by highest (richest) 20% (Average 2010-2016)
Income share held by lowest (poorest) 10% (Average 2010-2016)
Income share held by lowest (poorest) 20% (Average 2010-2016)
Income share held by third 20% (Average 2010-2016)
Number of poor at $1,90 a day in PPP
Number of poor at $3,20 a day in PPP
Number of poor at $5,50 a day in PPP

Social values

Old-age ages 65 and older dependency ratio (per 100 people ages 15-64) 2030

Languages and ethnic groups

Ethnic Fractionalization Index (Fearon)
Cultural Diversity Index (Fearon)
Ethnic Fractionalization (Alesina)
Linguistic Fractionalization (Alesina)
Religious Fractionalization (Alesina)

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