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FAQ mAPPedplanet for Android

APP crashes after zooming
Maybe there are map files with complex structures that contain errors. On some mobile phones it is possible that the app crashes. Please let us know the name of the map file where the problem occurs!

There is no ocean in my map!
Oceans have to be integrated seperately into the map. Therefore it takes a while to create the maps. Over time, all cards will be fully created. An overview of the currently available maps you can find here. For this purpose it may be that data of coastlines were entered incorrectly on These areas will not be drawn.

The screen stays grey after downloading a map!
Please zoom out. The standard map position is the middle of the map. It can be, that the middle of the map does not exist, because the map covers an area around it. If zooming does not help, the map may be defect. Please help us in that case and send a mail to

APP freezes in offline mode after the selection of overlays!
Some phones don't have enough capacity to show large numbers of markers. Please use smaller map files with less overlay data! You can change the settings in the performance menu. Decrease the number of max. simultaneously loaded markers (5000 by default).

There is no map for the place I am looking for
There are several possible reasons for that problem. Maybe the map is not created yet, or there is an error in the map data. Please try also to search for the country name. Please send a short message (see mail address below), so that we can contact and help you.

If you have questions, please e-mail to