World Map and Country Information. Inequality and Security

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Inequality and Security

There are numerous studies that establish a clear and quantifiable link between material inequality and crime. Societies with a high degree of inequality would be worse off in terms of security.

The statistics on this page do not confirm these investigations. It compares statistics on the development of the world's countries (HDI) and inequality versus data on security and crime. Correlations between development and crime are not detectable (TODO: For example, click on HDI and murder rate on the left and then on 'Update' and compare the correlation of the two parameters in the upper right corner by clicking on the grey field' Correlation'! The picture is different if you look at individual continents and regions separately, such as Europe or South America. Regionally, a connection can be seen.
Clear correlations cannot be identified even when comparing parameters of inequality with those of security. Although connections seem to be clearer - the correlation coefficient is close to 0.5, clear statements cannot be made here either. Neither official statistics, such as murder rate, nor subjective data (from Numbeo) are clear.
To sum up, it can be said that connections are clearly visible both for Latin America and Europe, but not for Asia and Africa.

crime rates
. The highest kill rates are in America and Africa, the lowest in Europe. The US reports that crime rates have declined steadily over the past 4 years for violent crimes and 8 years for property crimes. Robbery and assault are among the most frequently reported crimes in particularly poor neighbourhoods and communities.