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Ho Chi Minh's Residence

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    Auf der Rückseite ist ein Garten mit Obstbäumen. Man findet wertvolle Bäume aus mehr als 30 Arten, die vom Ministerium für Landwirtschaft geliefert werden. Es gibt auch Bäume aus fremden Ländern.
    At the back is a garden of fruit trees, where a milk fruit tree stands between two lines of Hai Hung orange trees. This tree was donated to Uncle Ho by his southern compatriots in 1954. Other valuable trees belonging to more than 30 species supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Forestry, and several provinces represent the wide variety of trees growing in Vietnam. There are also trees imported from foreign countries, such as Ngan Hoa trees, miniature rose bushes, areca trees from the Caribbean, Buddhist bamboo trees, etc. Dozens of varieties of beautifully hang from the trees which blossom all year round.
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