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    The Parque México (English: Mexico Park, also known as the Parque San Martín, is a large urban park located in Colonia Hipódromo in the Condesa area of Mexico City. It is recognized by its Art Deco architecture and decor as well as being one of the larger green areas in the city. The park was built in the 1920s, when its surrounding neighborhood of Colonia Hipódromo was being established. It is the former site of a horse race track on an hacienda that belonged to the Countess of Miravalle. When this part of the hacienda was being partitioned and redeveloped into a housing area, environmental laws at the time did not permit housing on the former track. Instead it was turned into the current park. Today, Parque México is not only the center of Colonia Hipódromo, it is also the center of the entire La Condesa section of the city. The park is located on Avenida México and Calle de Michoacán in Colonia Hipódromo, only two blocks from Avenida Insurgentes, one of the city’s main arteries. It was the first modern park, created with an architectural design. It copies many of the elements of European gardens, such as ponds and walkways. It has an extension of nine hectares in an elliptical design. The park differs from other major parks such as the Alameda Central or Parque España. More traditional parks in Mexico City have paths that cut diagonally through them, but Parque Mexico's paths are more “organic” and less rigid, wandering around the various attractions. The park hosts various cultural events, neighborhood gatherings and considered to be fashionable place to meet people. One can see children playing soccer and riding bikes while adults stroll or exercise or just relax on the benches.

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