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Kowloon Waterfront

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    bietet herrliche Ausblicke auf die Insel, Ufer und Stadtsilhouette. Dies ist der beste Ort, um die klassische Ansicht von Hong Kong zu erleben. Die besten Aussichten gibt es in der Nacht, wenn die Lichter ein mächtiges Schauspiel bieten. Hier gibt es die besten Bilder für eine Nacht-Fotografie.
    offers splendid views of the Hong Kong island shore and skyline. This is the best place to experience the classic view of Hong Kong, and nobody on their first trip here should miss out on promenading along the waterfront. The best views are to be had at night when the lights of global capitalism provide a powerful spectacle. If you are not proficient with night-time photography, you can pay a modest sum for a professional to take your photograph against one of the world's most iconic backdrops. Start at the Star Ferry terminal, and begin your walk by inspecting the historic clock tower which is all that remains of a railway station that once took colonial officials back to London via the Trans-Siberian railway.
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Geokoordinaten (Y,X bzw. LAT,LON):   22.30521230,114.16293210


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