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    Das höchste Hochhaus in Berlin mit 132 Metern. Es ist ein Panorama-Restaurant in der obersten Etage. Hier hat man einen guten Blick auf das berühmte Aquadom, das weltweit größte zylindrische Aquarium.
    The tallest multistory building in Berlin at 132 meters. There is a panoramic restaurant in the uppermost floor. Sneak into the main entrance of the Radison SAS business hotel on Karl-Liebknecht Straße. Here you can have a quick glance at the famous Aquadom, the world's biggest cylindrical Aquarium. It was build in 2003 by the US company Reynolds and Hydro Sight . The best news at the end; There is no entrance fee for watching (but for taking a trip with the elevator you have to pay the entrance fee for the whole Sea Aquarium adjacent to the hotel).
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