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Lamma Island

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    Lamma Island (chinesisch 南丫島 Nán yā dǎo, auch Po Liu Chau) ist die drittgrößte Insel in Hongkong und Teil des Islands Distrikts von Hongkong.
    Lamma Island (Chinese: 南丫島), also known as Pok Liu Chau (Chinese: 博寮洲) or simply Pok Liu (Chinese: 博寮), is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of the Islands District. Lamma was named after the shape of the island which looks like the fork of a tree, or the Chinese character 丫 (pronounced "ah" in Cantonese, and which has the same shape as the letter Y), and Naam meaning "south" (/l/ is a lazy sound of /n/). Lamma (南丫) thus means literally "southern Y". The name can also mean "Southern Peninsula Island".

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Geokoordinaten (Y,X bzw. LAT,LON):   22.20777900,114.12139100

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