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Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison)

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    Bezeichnung amerikanischer Kriegsgefangener für das Hỏa-Lò-Gefängnis (Vietnamesisch: ''Hỏa Lò'' = glühender Ofen) in Hanoi, Vietnam. Während des Vietnamkriegs diente das 1904 von den Franzosen erbaute Hỏa-Lò-Gefängnis den Nordvietnamesen als Gefängnis für amerikanische Kriegsgefangene. Durch den gleichnamigen Film ''Hanoi Hilton (Film)'' wurde der Name zu einem feststehenden Begriff.
    , 1 Hoa Lo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Open 8:30AM to 11:30AM and 1:30PM to 4:30PM, admission 10,000 dong. This prison was built by French at turn of 20th century, in classical French prison design. This is where French imprisoned and executed many of Vietnamese freedom fighters. Now a museum 2/3 of prison was torn down to make way for Hanoi Towers, museum exhibits brutal French colonial regime and struggof Vietnamese peopagainst imperialism in chilling detail. prison was also known as Hanoi Hilton during Vietnam War as it held American POW's shot down. Littemphasis is given to this period however, and exhibits shown can be frustratingly skewed in propaganda, choosing to show solely propaganda photos of prisoners being treated well and playing basketball, playing chess, and other staged events. They also claim to have John McCain's flight suit from when his plane was shot down but its beyond me how they knew he would subsequently become a United States senator and thus importance of his particular suit.

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