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    Die Grotta Gigante (slowenisch Briškovska jama), auch als Riesenhöhle von Triest bekannt, befindet sich in der Nähe der Ortschaft Sgonico rund 15 km von Triest entfernt.
    // Cave The enormous hall is 107 meters high, 130 meters long and 65 meters large. A comfortable and steep path and a suggestive electric lighting allows a pleasant visit of about 45 minutes. The tourist can have a look at the wonderful and charming underground world represented by the caves and at the rich calcite concretions, the highest of which is no less than 12 metres high. The exceptional characteristics, and the constant temperatures in the Giant cave during the whole year, have suggested to place two geodetic pendula, 100 meters high approximately (the longest in the world) and other scientific instruments. History The cave was first explored by Antonio Federico Lindner in 1840. In those days, the Karst behind Trieste was being searched for the underground water of the river Timavo so as to be able to plan the city's aqueduct. In 1897, it was fully mapped by Andrea Perko, in 1905, properly equipped for guided tours and in 1908, inaugurated. After World War I, ownership went to the Julian Alpine Society. Tourism only really began in 1957, when electricity was installed, unveiling new perspectives and details. Museum The Museum of speleology is near the cave and besides the various speleological, geological and paleontological finds it also includes some valuable archeological pieces and a poster collection of the cave. Two wide parking lots are available on the outside. Visits are scheduled in good times and with expert guides. External links Media related to Grotta Gigante at Wikimedia Commons Official Grotta Gigante website (Italian) Retrieved from "" Country: Italy Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia Province: 20px Trieste Municipality: 20px Sgonico Coordinates: 45°42′33.18″N 13°45′49.79″E / 45.7092167°N 13.7638306°E / 45.7092167; 13.7638306Coordinates: 45°42′33.18″N 13°45′49.79″E / 45.7092167°N 13.7638306°E / 45.7092167; 13.7638306 Time zone: CET, UTC+1 Type: Karst cave Length: 280 m Elevation: 265 amsl Depth: 115 m Website Grotta Gigante
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Geokoordinaten (Y,X bzw. LAT,LON):   45.70315200,13.76915900

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