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Trieste is a northern Italian port city on the Adriatic Sea right on the border with Slovenia in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with 205535 inhabitants. The city is characterized by it is its Roman origins and its medieval past: the castle, the cathedral and the Roman basilica. Elegant classical ruins and buildings in the Art Nouveau style adorn the streets, as well as the impressive churches of various denominations reflect the recent history of the city. As the city was tired from the wars between the 13th and 14th century, it finally went under the protection of Leopold III of Habsburg-Austrian duke of Austria, Styria and Carinthia. Initially planned as a mere protectorate, it was in the next decades a possession of the Habsburgs. At the end of the First World War, the city remained Habsburg possession and became both economically and culturally an important center of the empire. Trieste stands primarily for attractions, arts and culture, but also scores by their proximity to the beaches of the Adriatic. The Old Town offers some of the most beautiful sights with the Teatro Romano, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the San Giusto Cathedral and the Castle of San Giusto.

Get in

By airplane:
Trieste has a regional aiport about 31 kilometers outside the city centre.
There are connections with Ryanair to London, Brussels and Valencia, Belle Air to Tirana, Priština and Pescara and Alitalia to Rome.
By train:
Trieste Centrale is about 1.5 kilometers outside of the city.

National train connections:
  • Trieste Centrale to Venezia Santa Lucia takes about 2:09 hours
  • Trieste Centrale to Padova in 2:31 hours
  • Verona Porta Nuova from Trieste Centrale 3:15 h

  • International train connections:
  • Trieste Centrale to Wien Meidling in 8:01 hours
  • Budapest-Déli from Trieste Centrale 17:18 h , 6x change.

  • By car:
    Trieste - Venice: 160 km in 1:45 h
    Trieste - Padua: 190 km in 2:00 h
    Trieste - Verona: 260 km in 2:30 h
    Trieste - Bologna: 300 km in 3:00 h
    Trieste - Florence: 410 km in 4:00 h

  • Grado-Triest with APT Gorizia
  • Duino - Monfalcone
  • Trieste-Ancona
  • Trieste - Durrës
  • Get around

    You can easily get to most tourist destinations on foot. Buses in Trieste drive regularly throughout the day, but after 21 clock, Sundays and holidays, they are rarer. Tickets must be purchased before entering the bus.


    Popular is a
  • trip to Lipica.
  • trip to Koper.
  • trip to Izola.
  • trip to Štanjel.
  • trip to Portorož.
  • A good option for nature lovers: Caves of Škocjan (Map) (17 km) near Divača. The caves of Škocjan are a system of caves near the Slovenian hamlet Škocjan.

    Eat and Drink

  • Zoe Food, Via Felice Venezian, 24, Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Buffet da Siora Rosa, Piazza Attilio Hortis, 34123 Trieste, italian, highly recommended,
  • Buffet da Pepi, Piazza della Borsa, 13, 34121 Trieste, regional,
  • Piadineria La Caveja, Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 34121 Trieste,
  • Avrasya Kebab, Via del Roncheto, 77, 34146 Trieste,
  • Pizza & Co., Via Pozzo del Mare, 3, 34121 Trieste, pizza,
  • La piadineria, Via Giovanni Orlandini, 36, 34144 Trieste,
  • Mid-budget and High-budget:
  • Zoe Food, Via Felice Venezian, 24, Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Antipastoteca di Mare, Via della Fornace, 1, Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Ristorante Al Bagatto Di Marussi Roberto & c., Via Luigi Cadorna, 7, Trieste, highly recommended,
  • California, Viale Miramare, 285, 34136 Trieste, Restaurant, highly recommended,
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Casa Rosandra, Località Mattonaia, 217, 34018 Domio Province of Trieste, pizza, highly recommended,
  • Triest, Via Carsia, 34151 Villa Opicina, Province of Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Bella Napoli, Via Antonio Caccia, 3, Trieste, pizza,

  • Cafes:
  • Bar Gelateria La Siciliana, Piazza Unità D'Italia, 34121 Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Urbanis, Via San Carlo, 34121 Trieste, highly recommended,
  • Caffè degli Specchi, Piazza Unità D'Italia, 34121 Trieste, Cafe, highly recommended,
  • Chocolat, Via di Cavana, 11, 34124 Trieste, Cafe, highly recommended,
  • Tommaseo, Piazza Nicolò Tommaseo, 34121 Trieste, Cafe, highly recommended,
  • Caffè Tommaseo, Piazza Nicolò Tommaseo, 4, 34121 Trieste, highly recommended,

  • Bars and Clubs:
  • Vinerie Pirona di Pirona Elia, Piazza Attilio Hortis, 2, 34123 Trieste, highly recommended,
  • The Tender Pub, Via Giulio Cesare 1, 1, Trieste, pub, Pub, highly recommended,
  • Bavaria Birreria, Via Commerciale, 137, 34134 Trieste,
  • Bar Stella, Via San Sebastiano, 34121 Trieste, Pub, no smoking,
  • Bar Unita', Via Pozzo del Mare, 2, 34121 Trieste, Pub,
  • La Portizza, Via Beccherie, 34121 Trieste,
  • Nightclubs:
  • Golden Horse, Via Eugenio Scomparini, 7, Trieste, Nightlife,
  • The Club, Dobrava 1a, 6310 Izola - Isola, Slovenia,
  • Viale 39, Via Domenico Rossetti, 13, Trieste, Nightclub,
  • Colonial Café, Piazza Nicolò Tommaseo, 4c, 34121 Trieste, Nightclub,
  • Cantera Cafè, Strada Provinciale 3, 34011 Sistiana, Trieste, Nightclub,
  • Radio Capris, Ulica 15. maja 10b, 6000 Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia,
  • Shopping

  • Centro commerciale 'Il Giulia' Via Ippolito Pindemonte, Trieste

  • You can find several interesting shopping streets in the city of Trieste. Popular are Corso Umberto Saba and Via Giorgio Vasari.


  • Internet: KNULP bar/libreria (Cafe), Via della Madonna del Mare, 7, 34124 Trieste
  • Hospital: Casa di cura "Salus", Via Bonaparte Napoleone, 4, 34123 Trieste
  • Laundry: Laundry, Via Felice Venezian, 13, 34124 Trieste
  • Laundry: Speed Wash, Via Fabio Severo, 29, 34133 Trieste
  • Laundry: AquaSapone, Via della Madonnina, 4, Trieste
  • Accomodation

  • Luna Rossa Venezian (Map), Via Felice Venezian n.2, popular, city, bus stop in 980 meters
  • Albergo Alla Valle di Banne (Map), Loc. Banne 25, popular, city, bus stop in 985 meters
  • La Mariposa (Map), Via della Guardia n.42, double room about 180 EUR, popular, city, bus stop in 960 meters
  • Affittacamere Alla stazione (Map), Via della Geppa 4, city, tram stop about 425 meters, bus stop in 660 meters
  • Carma Bed&Breakfast (Map), Via Tor. S.Piero n.6, double room about 225 EUR, city, tram stop about 485 meters, bus stop in 635 meters
  • Villa Robinia (Map), Via di Conconello n.29/4, city, tram stop about 540 meters
  • Affittacamere Ghega (Map), Via Carlo Ghega 3, double room about 177 EUR, city, tram stop about 370 meters, bus stop in 640 meters
  • Residence Sara (Map), Via Capitelli 4, city, bus stop in 915 meters

  • Budget
  • B&B Domus Diaz (Map), Via Armando Diaz 19 /1, 34124 Trieste, double room about 65 EUR, city, bus stop in 1120 meters
  • Hotel Istria (Map), Via Timeus 5 34125, Trieste, city, tram stop about 730 meters, tram stop about 975 meters, bus stop in 175 meters
  • B&B Trieste Plus (Map), Via Udine 12, 34132 Trieste, city, tram stop about 240 meters, bus stop in 700 meters

  • Mid-range
  • B&B Petra (Map), via Mazzini 44 Trieste Italy, highly recommended, city, tram stop about 810 meters, bus stop in 240 meters
  • B&B Gens Julia (Map), Via San Michele 7, 34124 Trieste, double room about 80 EUR, highly recommended, city, bus stop in 905 meters
  • Palace Suite (Map), Via San Nicolò 34 - 36 / Via Dante 6 34121, Trieste, highly recommended, city, tram stop about 835 meters, bus stop in 420 meters
  • Magnolia Le Stanze (Map), Via Del Coroneo 19, 34133 Trieste, double room about 75 EUR, highly recommended, city, tram stop about 390 meters, tram stop about 625 meters, bus stop in 325 meters
  • House 5 (Map), Via Giulia 5 34126, Trieste, popular, city, tram stop about 780 meters, tram stop about 950 meters, bus stop in 650 meters
  • Residenza Le 6 A (Map), Via Santa Caterina 7 34123, Trieste, popular, city, tram stop about 765 meters, bus stop in 325 meters
  • Bed & Breakfast Ai Moretti (Map), Piazza Venezia 1, 34123 Trieste, double room about 90 EUR, popular, city, bus stop in 1305 meters
  • Residence Campanelle 54 (Map), Via Campanelle 54, 34137 Trieste, double room about 65 EUR, popular, city, bus stop in 795 meters
  • Residence Sole (Map), Via San Francesco 4, 34133 Trieste, double room about 80 EUR, popular, city, tram stop about 565 meters, bus stop in 70 meters
  • B&B Trieste (Map), Via Della Galleria 3, 34124 Trieste, double room about 60 EUR, popular, city, bus stop in 970 meters
  • Hotel James Joyce (Map), Via Cavazzeni, 7, 34100 Trieste, double room about 67 EUR, tel.+39 040 302065,, popular, city, bus stop in 935 meters
  • Residence Le Terrazze (Map), Via Filzi 21 34124, Trieste, popular, city, tram stop about 345 meters, bus stop in 425 meters
  • Residence Liberty (Map), Via Armando Diaz, 14 34124, Trieste, popular, city, bus stop in 1090 meters
  • Residence San Giusto (Map), Via dell'Istria 7 34137, Trieste, popular, city, bus stop in 1095 meters
  • B&B Chiara (Map), Via Cisternone 9, popular, city, bus stop in 405 meters

  • High price
  • Hotel Continentale (Map), Via San Nicolò 25 34121, Trieste, popular, city, tram stop about 835 meters, bus stop in 470 meters
  • Villa Bottacin (Map), Vicolo Dei Roveri, 16 34126, Trieste, double room about 240 EUR, popular, city, bus stop in 300 meters
  • Nuovo Albergo Centro (Map), Via Roma, 13 34132, Trieste, double room about 324 EUR, popular, city, tram stop about 595 meters, bus stop in 445 meters
  • Albergo Al Viale (Map), Via Aurelio e Fabio Nordio, 5 34125, Trieste, double room about 300 EUR, city, tram stop about 685 meters, bus stop in 105 meters
  • Città Di Parenzo (Map), Via Degli Artisti 8 34121, Trieste, double room about 255 EUR, city, tram stop about 925 meters, bus stop in 480 meters
  • Hotel Riviera and Maximilians (Map), Strada Costiera 22, train station Miramare about 935 meters, bus stop in 665 meters
  • Albergo Ristorante Sonia (Map), Località Domio, 47 34018, Trieste, double room about 250 EUR, bus stop in 1255 meters
  • Hotel Italia Trieste (Map), Via della Geppa 15, double room about 315 EUR,, Wi-Fi included , city, tram stop about 370 meters, bus stop in 570 meters
  • Urban Hotel Design (Map), Androna Chiusa, 4, city, bus stop in 915 meters
  • Hotel Le Corderie (Map), Via Di Calvola 43 34141, Trieste, city, bus stop in 825 meters
  • Hotel Miramare (Map), Viale Miramare, 325/1 34136, Trieste, city, train station Miramare about 960 meters, bus stop in 920 meters
  • Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta (Map), Piazza Unità D'italia, 2 34121, Trieste, city, bus stop in 795 meters
  • Hotel Victoria (Map), Via Oriani, 2 34100, Trieste, double room about 900 EUR, city, bus stop in 515 meters

  • Hostels and budget hotels are very expensive.
    A night in a double room costs about 25 to 35 Euro per night.
    Hotels are , however, expensive.
  • Campeggio Club Trieste - Obelisco about 4 km from from the city, tram stop about 215 meters, tram stop about 265 meters, bus stop in 1230 meters.
  • Campeggio Club Trieste - Obelisco about 4 km outside, tram stop about 320 meters, tram stop about 350 meters, bus stop in 1305 meters.
  • Camping Pian del Grisa about 5 km outside, tram stop about 1850 meters, bus stop in 970 meters.

  • Caravan
  • Caravan: here, here and here.
  • Attractions


    The Miramare Castle (Italian: Castello di Miramare; Slovene: Grad Miramar, German: Schloß Miramar) is a 19th century castle on the Gulf of Trieste near Trieste, northeastern Italy. It was built from 1856 to 1860 for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium, later Emperor Maximilian I and Empress Carlota of Mexico, to a design by Carl Junker (Map).
    Piazza Unità d'Italia (Unity of Italy Square in English) is the main town square in Trieste, Italy. It is situated at the foot of the hill containing the castle of San Giusto and the square faces the Adriatic Sea (Map).
    The Roman Theatre probably dates back to the protohistoric period, was enclosed by walls built in 33-32 BC on Emperor Octavius’s orders. The Roman Theatre lies at the foot of the San Giusto hill, and faces the sea (Map).
    Victory Lighthouse The Lighthouse of the Victory, an impressive work of the Triestine architect Arduino Berlam (1880-1946) and of the sculptor Giovanni Mayer (1863-1943), has two important functions. Besides lighting the gulf of Trieste, in order to help navigation, it also serves as a commemorative monument dedicated to the fallen of the first Worid War (Map).
    Castello di San Giusto and Foro Romano. (Map).
    Synagogue It is one of the largest synagogues in Europe, and was built in 1912. Open on Sundays 10÷12 and on Thursdays 15 (Map).
    Richard Arch The Arco di Riccardo is an Augustian gate built in the Roman walls in 33 A. D (Map).
    Civico Acquario Marino. (Map).
    Cathedral of Trieste Trieste Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Justus, is the cathedral and main church of Trieste, in northern Italy. It is the seat of the Bishop of Trieste (Map).


    Museum of Natural History includes zoological, botanical, geological, palaeontological and mineralogical collections and a vivarium. It has a specialised scientific library (Map).
    The Revoltella Museum (it. Museo Revoltella - Galleria d'arte moderna) is a modern art gallery founded in Trieste in 1872 by Baron Pasquale Revoltella (Map).
    Teatro Miela. (Map).
    Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico. (Map).
    Museum of the Risiera di San Sabba A national monument - a testimonial of the only Nazi extermination camp in Italy. (Map).
    Trieste Campo Marzio Railway Museum - Housed in former railhouse, museum features drawings, models and fullsized train engines and railcars as well as horse-drawn trams from Trieste's past. (Map).
    Teatro Giuseppe Verdi (the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre) is a small opera house located in a wing of the Rocca dei Marchesi Pallavicino on the Piazza Giuseppe Verdi in Busseto, Italy, a town closely associated with the life of the opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi. From the 13th century, the “rocca” or “fortress” was the family’s palace; it is now the city hall after being acquired by the municipality in 1856 (Map).
    Morpurgo Museum . (Map).


    Lapidary Garden. Contains Roman and Medieval relics discovered in Trieste (Map).
    Park of Remembrance World War I commemorative park. (Map).
    Giardino botanico Carsiana. With public transport: eg. and bus Line 46 (Map).


    Grotta Gigante: The enormous hall of the cave is 107 meters high, 130 meters long and 65 meters large. A comfortable and steep path and a suggestive electric lighting allows a pleasant visit of about 45 minutes (Map).
    Val Rosandra (Slovene: Dolina Glinščice) is a valley centered on the river with the same name (Slovene: Glinščica) in the municipality of Dolina in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the city of Trieste and the border with Slovenia. It is also included into a natural park, mostly set around the river Rosandra and the surrounding hills reach an altitude of 412 metres. With public transport: eg. and bus Line 51 (Map).


  • Alta via del Carso by "Club Alpino Italiano (C.A.I.)" : Da Pesek a Jamiano
  • Sentiero CAI n. 5 by "Club Alpino Italiano (C.A.I.)" : Da Rupinpiccolo a sentiero n. 3
  • Sentiero della salvia by "Club Alpino Italiano (C.A.I.)" : Sentiero CAI

  • Bicycle
  • D-8
  • Parenzana
  • Ciclopedonale Opicina - Orlek
  • FVG 2 by "Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia" : (SLO) Valico di Rabuiese - Grado - Lignano
  • Mediterranean Route - part Slovenia

  • Climbing: Falesia Napoleonica
  • Climbing: Falesia Napoleonica
  • Scuba diving: Sub-Aquatic Diving Center
  • Paragliding: Buzet - zavoj
  • Paragliding: Buzet - Raspadalica
  • Prices

    The price level is very high.
    Daily needs for a budget traveller: ca. 45 - 55 Euros
    Daily needs for an average traveller: ca. 85 - 95 Euros


    Country: Italy
    Region: Friuli
    Coordinates: X: 13.78 / Y: 45.6486
    Altitude: 0 Mres
    Timezone: Europe/Rome
    Population: 211.184 Inhabitants

    Type: Stadt
    Popularity as travel destination (0-20): 14
    Tourism in Triest: sehr hoch
    Popular with backpackers: sehr beliebt
    Best travel months: Jul Aug Jun
    Price level for travel (Frankfurt Main=100): 155


    2.61 °C
    112 mm
    3.93 °C
    92.01 mm
    6.76 °C
    109.01 mm
    10.57 °C
    119 mm
    14.98 °C
    120 mm
    18.4 °C
    141.01 mm
    20.8 °C
    101.01 mm
    20.51 °C
    128 mm
    17.43 °C
    137 mm
    12.78 °C
    138 mm
    7.48 °C
    160 mm
    3.84 °C
    120 mm

    Best travel months: Jul Aug Jun --> climate diagram

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