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New city guides:

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Mapped Planet application for Android

Maps including Public Transport and tourist routes:

CityName of the mapQuality of the data
Amsterdamamsterdam.mapvery high
Athensathens.mapvery low
Berlingreater_berlin.mapvery high
Buenos Airesbuenos-aires.mapmedium
Cape Towncape-town.maplow
Copenhagencopenhagen.mapvery high
Hamburggreater_hamburg.mapvery high
Istanbulistanbul.mapvery low
Los Angeleslos-angeles.mapmedium
Munichmunich.mapvery high
New Yorknew-york-city.mapmedium
Rio de Janeirorio-de-janeiro.mapmedium
Stockholmstockholm.mapvery high
Warsawwarsaw.mapvery high
Zurichzurich.mapvery high

Available maps free version:

Germany: all countries
Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Azores, England, Slovenia, Slovakia, Malta, Poland
Spain: Northern, Eastern, Central, Canary Islands
Italien: Northwest, Northeast
France (Countries): Aquitaine, Auvergne, Bretagne, Bourgogne, Champagne, Alsace, France-Centre, Franche-Comte, Languedoc, Lorraine, Limousin, Midi-Pyrenees, Nord, Normandie, Pays de la Lorie, Poitou-Charente, Picardie
USA: California, Washington D.C., Florida, New York, Nevada, Hawaii

Rest of the world only in the full version!


  • Offline maps of the world available for download
  • 4 different map types based on Openstreetmap
  • 6 different map themes for offline maps
  • More than 100 different overlays/categories (7 overlays in the FREE version) from different sources with data from tourism, eat and drink, accommodation, transport and much more - online and offline
  • Roads, Public Transport and tourist routes that are visible can be listed and marked on the map
  • Wikipedia
  • Route planner (car, bicycle, walk) with off-line navigation and voice
  • Tracking with import and export function
  • Own data import and export feature
  • Photo-tagging, Compass, Google Streetview
  • Augmented Reality for overlays/categories and routing (*)
  • Categories as overlays:

  • Hotels/Hostels (*)
  • Attractions/Points Of Interest (*)
  • Camping
  • Restaurant (*)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fast Food (*)
  • Tourist Info
  • Hospital
  • Supermarket
  • Bank
  • ATM
  • Cafe (*)
  • Pub/Bar (*)
  • Club/Disco (*)
  • Car Sharing
  • Car Rental
  • Station
  • Bus Station
  • Fuel Station
  • Police
  • Post Office
  • Currency Exchange
  • Rest Area
  • Toll Booth
  • Laundry
  • Shopping Mall
  • Beach

  • (*) also FREE-Version
    There are also more than 80 categories available only for Offline Maps



    This is the start screen when it was first opened.
    You can now download a map file for offline use, or go directly to the online mode (bottom panel / online map). If you want to call this screen again, go to MENU->Download!
    On top of the screen the name of the downloaded map will be displayed.

    STEP 1

    Look for a place to which you want to download a map. The number of files is limited to 65 in the free version (Europe, some U.S. states). In the paid version there are more than 500 maps. The availability of the maps differs depending on the region. You can see an overview of the available maps on the User Web Interface . Some country maps are too big (eg Germany, USA), so that full map files for these countries are not available. The size varies from a few MB (eg Malta) up to 200 MB.
    Now type a country or city name in the search box (eg Berlin) and you get to see the available maps, including the type of the region and the size in megabytes. If there are more than one map, you can select an appropriate one.
    After choosing the required map, the name of the map is shown on top of the screen.

    STEP 2

    A tip on this button starts the download. The download progress is displayed in the second row in a progress bar. The map is stored in the mappedplanet directory on the SD card (you can change the directory in the preferences menu). When the download has completed the message "Download ready" is displayed in the second row.

    STEP 3

    Now change to the offline map (the last downloaded map). You now have the ability to download paths and categories/markers. You can download the data later (MENU->DOWNLOAD->DOWNLOAD DATA).

    You can select all downloaded maps in the menu "Map files" any time you want. In the left corner a spinning icon may be visible indicating that the newly downloaded data is still being processed. It will disappear when done, and then all overlay data are available (see below).

    Map view


    This is the main map view of Mappedplanet. Some of the buttons shown on the left are only visible when you touch the screen. In the center of the map there is an arrow which points to the direction of view.

    Select Overlays

    Select which categories (overlay) data to be displayed. These are points, which are placed as a marker on the screen (eg, buildings, parks, etc.). At the beginning there are the following standard categories: attractions, accomodation, restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs. By choosing the menu item "marker manager" (see left), you an add additional topics (full version only.
    You can add one or more categories. Advice: The more categories are selected at the same time, the longer it takes to load the data.
    Note: Only 30 markers are visibile at the same time. After zooming into the map formerly invisible markers may be displayed. Advice if your in online mode: Tip on the reload button in the left, top corner to reload your data after zooming more than four levels into the map! That will update the data for higher zoom levels.

    Select Map Type

    Choose which map type should be displayed. Currently there are four themes for offline maps and four online maps. If you are abroad and have no internet connection, you should select only the offline map. The relevant data must have been previously downloaded (see above).

    Enable / Disable GPS

    Turns GPS connection on and off.

    Enable / Disable GPS Lock

    Enables or disables GPS lock. If it is enabled the map centers on your current location.

    Reload overlays

    Exists only in online mode: Loads all newly selected markers. This can be useful after zooming more than four levels, so that in higher levels not all available data has been loaded.
    The number of loaded markers in online mode is limited. In this case, a message appears on the screen.

    Set Marker

    Set your own marker: This brings up a menu where you can specify the name and am icon. Optionally, click on "photo" to tag a photo to your marker. This photo will be displayed by tapping on the marker.

    Camera View

    Not available in the free version
    Augmented Reality: Displays selected markers and pathways (also for navigation) in a camera 3d view.

    Google Streetview

    Opens the street view of the map center. If Streetview is not available fot that place, the screen stays black. Through the Back button on your phone you can go back to the map.


    Since version 3.0, Streetview is replace by the search function. Google Street View can now be found at the bottom of the map selection!
    You have the choice of two search options (only offline maps): Select "Regional Search" to search within the visible screen area or "database and online search". There you can search for a place online. You can also search offline for a place/marker that was previously downloaded. If you have downloaded cities, you can choose offline city search.

    Visible Items

    Lists all currently visible markers.


    Shows all roads, public transport rand tourist routes that are avialable on the visible screen area. You can select and draw max. three of them. This allows for example to trace the course of a road or a hiking trail.

    Start / Stop Tracking

    Begins recording of your movement. After pressing the button it changes its color to red. By pressing the button the tracking menu will open (see left picture). In this, tracking can be finished or a waypoint can be set.
    During the tracking runs, the color of the icon changes to red. If you tap on it you open the left menu:
    1) By clicking the first point, you save the current track. The tracking will stop.
    2) The second point sets a waypoint.
    3) The third point interrupts the recording until it will be pressed again.
    4) By clicking the last point you get a dialog with statistical information about the current track

    Set start point for routing

    Sets the starting point for the routing to the center of the map.

    set target for routing

    Sets the target for the routing to the center of the map.

    start / stop routing

    Begins routing: This opens a menu (see top picture on the left side) to enter addresses (if not already selected), and the type of movement (car, bicycle, walk). After the calculation process has finished, the navigation screen opens and the navigation (with voice) begins.
    Advice: The search process requires an internet connection!

    Routing control

    Opens the context menu on the bottom left.
    1) The first item switches routing on and off.
    2) By clicking the second item you can recalculate your route starting at your current position. This may be useful if you left the former route.
    3) The third item removes the route from screen.
    4) By clicking the fourth item you get a list of the current route.
    Note: The calculation of the route requires an internet connection. The navigation itself is possible in offline mode. The calculated routes are stored and can always be chosen.


    A tip on the card shows the zoom controls.
    A long press (more than 2 seconds) to a location on the map indicates the corresponding address, if available (requires internet connection).

    Marker Manager


    Select the categories you want to place as markers/icons on the map! This works in two steps: First, select your favourite categories. The second step is performed in the map view: The selected symbols can be placed on the map( map view). Generally all symbols/markers are available locally (visible screen). However, they can also be downloaded for the whole map: Choose DOWNLOAD -> DATA DOWNLOAD in map view or the "Load categories from server" button (see below)! The following controls are available:

    Add categories to map view: Adds the selected categories to the map. The symbols / markers are displayed when you press and are locally available in the visible screen rectangle.
    Load categories from server: Online: Loads the selected categories with description (if available) from the server. Now they are available for the whole map. This feature is only applicable to "online / offline" and requires an Internet connection.
    Extract categories from map: Offline: Alternatively, the selected categories are extracted from the map. No internet connection is required. Usually there is more information in the other mode (Load categories from server).

    Short: Compact, short list view.
    Legend: Legend on/off.
    Selected: Shows selected categories only.
    by ranking: Default view.

    ABC: Alphabetically.
    by category: Choose a top category before.
  • There is a different reduced view in FREE mode.
  • When "significance" is zero, the relevant category is not included within the download data of the offline maps, so that it is only available in online mode.
  • Using "Load categories from server" and "Extract categories from map" you can add additional categories for the whole map, without calling DOWNLOAD->DATA DOWNLOAD (Menu Map view) and renewing all data as a whole.
  • Paths (full version only)

    Public Transport and touristic routes

    Paths are available only for major cities in online mode!
    Click on the symbol on the right (bicycle-path-train-symbol) in map view. First, you can choose, which type of paths you want to see. Then the Path Manager appears, if data is available (see picture on the left). If your are in online mode, data will be loaded. You can select paths by clicking on the checkboxes.

    Draw selection: The selected paths are drawn on the map. All formerly selected paths are removed. The screen will switch into map view.
    Draw and foucs: The selected paths are drawn on the map. All formerly selected paths are removed. The screen will switch into map view and the map will be centered on the last selected path.
    Selected items only: All selected paths are shown in the list.
    Visible screen area: All paths in current visible screen area are listed.
    Last search results: All paths that match the last search results are displayed. Before that, a search must be performed. Enter a keyword in the input box and tap the icon to start the search.

    Create your own map (full version only)

    Custom maps you can find under MAPS->GENEARTE OWN MAP. Proceed as follows:
    Step 1: First, a message box appears that shows you your personal ID. Click on the link and register on the website at ( LINK ). Once there, type the ID and register with a username and password. Please enter a valid email address!
    Step 2: Go back to the app and press "OK" to close the message box. Call MAPS->GENEARTE OWN MAP again: See image above! You can expand the box with the arrow keys, but you can not shrink it. To achieve this, zoom in and press the blue icon with a cross in the middle of the arrow keys! The screen is adapted to the visible screen area. Zoom back out and expand the blue region. The blue area shows the map to be created.
    Step 3: You must first log in (see step 1)! Click "OK" at the bottom. You can press the red cross to cancel. If you press OK you will be forwarded to the website where you can attach a name and select additional categories of paths / routes. When you are finished, press OK and the map will be created!
    Important: Creating the map may take a long time (up to 6 hours). You get sent an email when the card is ready. You can download it under MENU->DOWNLOAD->MY MAPS. If the card is not availabe after 12 hours, please send a message using the contact form below.
    They have five free maps. Additional maps can be ordered for a small fee under MENU->MAPS->CHARGE MAP ACCOUNT in your Application.
    Maps are limited to 2x2 geo-coordinates! All public transport routes and tourist routes are also integrated into the card. If you want to download them separately (see above "Paths"), you must limit the card to 1x1 geo-coordinates!
    Online Dispute Resolution in accordance with Article 14, Section 1 of ODR-VO. The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution: About / Contact